javascript – execute when textarea caret is moved

I have textarea and I want to change text that says what character is after the caret (cursor).

<textarea id="text"></textarea>
Character after the caret: <span id="char"></span>

I know how to get caret position. The problem is I don't know what event is invoked when users movet the caret (by typing, pressing arrow keys, clicking, pasting text, cutting text, …).

I don't think there's a built-in event to check that, but you can use a combination of keypress, mousedown, and the other events that can trigger a caret position change, then check for changes to the textarea's selectionStart (which indicates caret position):

const textarea = document.querySelector('textarea');
textarea.addEventListener('keypress', checkcaret); // Every character written
textarea.addEventListener('mousedown', checkcaret); // Click down
textarea.addEventListener('touchstart', checkcaret); // Mobile
textarea.addEventListener('input', checkcaret); // Other input events
textarea.addEventListener('paste', checkcaret); // Clipboard actions
textarea.addEventListener('cut', checkcaret);
textarea.addEventListener('mousemove', checkcaret); // Selection, dragging text
textarea.addEventListener('select', checkcaret); // Some browsers support this event
textarea.addEventListener('selectstart', checkcaret); // Some browsers support this event

let pos = 0;
function checkcaret() {
  const newPos = textarea.selectionStart;
  if (newPos !== pos) {
    console.log('change to ' + newPos);
    pos = newPos;