Render custom Radio button in ExtJS 3

I want to customize the radio button where I need to display text box, or Date field besides radio button instead of text.

There is a similar question Add custom item to radio button in extjs, but the answer is for ExtJs 4. Can someone please help me with similar implementation for ExtJs 3?

I tried using contentEl, but the div gets appended below the radio input tag, so is not visible. After looking at Ext code I tried overriding private getContentTarget function and it seems working but doesn't feel the right approach

Here is a workaround based on the ExtJs 4 answer. Instead of boxLabelEl, you can use getEl().down('label.x-form-cb-label') like so:

listeners: {
    render: function( radio ) {
        var boxLabelEl = radio.getEl().down('label.x-form-cb-label');
        radio.field = Ext.create('Ext.form.field.Number', {
            renderTo: boxLabelEl,
            width: 40,
            disabled: !radio.getValue()
    change: function( radio ) {

This should work for ExtJs 3.