Display unescaped HTML in Vue.js

How can I manage to get HTML interpreted inside a mustache binding? At the moment the break (<br />) is just displayed/escaped.

Small Vue app:

var logapp = new Vue({
  el: '#logapp',
  data: {
    title: 'Logs',
    logs: [
      { status: true, type: 'Import', desc: 'Learn<br />JavaScript', date: '11.11.2015', id: 1  },
      { status: true, type: 'Import', desc: 'Learn<br />JavaScript', date: '11.11.2015', id: 1  }

And here is the template:

<div id="logapp">    
            <tr v-repeat="logs">

Starting with Vue2, the triple braces were deprecated, you are to use v-html.

<div v-html="task.html_content"> </div>

It is unclear from the documentation link as to what we are supposed to place inside v-html, your variables goes inside v-html.

Also, v-html works only with <div> or <span> but not with <template>.

If you want to see this live in an app, click here.

You can use the directive v-html to show it. like this:

<td v-html="desc"></td>

You can read that here

If you use

{{<br />}}

it'll be escaped. If you want raw html, you gotta use

{{{<br />}}}

EDIT (Feb 5 2017): As @hitautodestruct points out, in vue 2 you should use v-html instead of triple curly braces.

Vue by default ships with the v-html directive to show it, you bind it onto the element itself rather than using the normal moustache binding for string variables.

So for your specific example you would need:

<div id="logapp">    
            <tr v-repeat="logs">
                <td v-html="fail"></td>
                <td v-html="type"></td>
                <td v-html="description"></td>
                <td v-html="stamp"></td>
                <td v-html="id"></td>

You have to use v-html directive for displaying html content inside a vue component

<div v-html="html content data property"></div>