JavaScript: prototype functions showing up in console

I just noticed that when I log an instance of the object I'm currently working on I see the prototype functions after it's property ( it only has one ). Which makes me think I'm doing something wrong.

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This is how I'm setting the prototype.

MF = function(x){
    if(!(this instanceof MF)) return new MF(x);
    this.node = x;
MF.prototype = {
    show: function(display){
        display ? = display : = 'block';
    hide: function(){ = 'none';


I also tried setting it with Object.create(), as suggested in this answer, which doesn't make much sense in my case but desperate times call for desperate attempts.

Why am I seeing the prototype methods in the instance, and how can I fix this?


For example here's how a jQuery object looks like, no prototype functions shown in the log

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Showing the prototype object it's a normal practice. And with jQuery this is also reproduced. Just call console.dir($('div')) and you will see __proto__ object below. You can't hide prototype functions from console showing.

That's how I implement classes with prototype extending in my library:

Pinch.$ = function(selector, parent) {
    if (!(this instanceof arguments.callee)) {
        var callee = arguments.callee,
            newObject = Object.create(callee.prototype);
        callee.apply(newObject, callee.arguments);
        return newObject;

    // --- logic ---

    return this;
Pinch.prototype = Object.create({
    is: function() {},
    // --- methods ---
    empty: function() {}

And then if you want extend your prototype with new methods:

Pinch.$.prototype = Pinch.Util.extend(Pinch.$.prototype, {
    newMethods: function() {}
}, {
    oneMoreMethod: function() {}

extend() realization you can find in many libraries and just googling "extend javascript"

The second way it's using Object.create as extend:

Pinch.$.prototype = Object.create(Pinch.$.prototype, {
    newMethods: function() {}

But really, you can't hide prototype object from console. Only if you will start using hacks and tricks based on local scope and more.

UPD: You can use Object.defineProperties() for hiding elements -

For example:

var MF = function () {};

MF.prototype = Object.create({});

Object.defineProperties(MF.prototype, {
    thisWillShow: {
        value: function () {},
        enumerable: true
    thisWillNotShow: {
        value: function () {},
        enumerable: false
console.log(new MF());

And working example here -

There doesn't appear anything wrong with your code. I'm sure the prototype properties are only listed as a convenience when there are only a few instance properties. Expanding the logged object reveals that all properties are where they are supposed to be.

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