How to give CSS3 support to IE?

I use IE7.js but it doesn't have CSS3 support. I use jQuery always in my projects.

What is the best lightweight way to give all CSS3 selectors and properties support to IE 6,7,8?

I'm not asking for HTML5 support only asking to give CSS3 support in as much as light on performance way.

Try keith clarks IE CSS3 pseudo selector emulator:

I haven't personally used it but it manually parses your css file and adapts it for ie-browsers.

A downside is you're relying on js for css functionality..

the IE7.js project linked in the question has recently added IE9.js. This brings more CSS3 selector support to legacy IE.

What your looking for is this new library: CSS3 PIE

It gives IE6-8 several CSS3 attribute support.

There is a thread on this running on with a lot of projects listed:

You can't really change how a browser implements in rendering process or featured contained in that renderer. IE9 is supposed to support many (all?) CSS3 features, but you will not get to use it for some time.

Like you said, you will need a third-party tool for this.

You might be able to use Google Chrome Frame, but I am not sure if that supports CSS3 yet.

You can use Google Chrome Frame This will make your IE render and work as Chrome, which supports all CSS3. All you have to do is to add this <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1"> after your <head>. You can try it out online at You have several CSS3 options there like text-shadow or transform.

Following is a good workaround to use ccs3 properties in i-e 6 to 9