How to have multiple data-bind attributes on one element?

I need to have multiple data bindings on one element. For example, I want a href as well as a html data-binding on one a tag. I have tried this,

<a data-bind="html: name" 
   data-bind="attr: { href: url }" 
   data-bind="attr: { 'data-prop': xyz }">

But this doesn't work. It seems knockout only supports binding one data-bind property? How to bind both the href, the inner html, and a custom "data-prop" attribute on one element?

Like this:

<a data-bind="html: name, attr: { href: url }">

You use comma-separated bindings - the attribute is the same as passing an object:

    html: name, 
    attr: { href: url }

Or, if you're asking about multiple attr bindings at once:

<a data-bind="html: name, attr: { href: url, 'data-prop': FullName }">

This is how I implemented the source attribute and click event using data-bind. You may find it useful.

<img data-bind="{click: function(data, event) {ESVendorWidget.loadFunction(data,event)},
                 attr: {src: $data.Photo.PhotoUrl }}"
     alt="package pic" class="big" />

I simply use:

<input type="checkbox"
    data-bind="click: callFunction(), checkedValue: 0, checked: Card.Days">

for a checkbox element.

you can use multiple properties using , like below

<a data-bind="attr: { href: url, id: id , class: classvalue}">

object like this

{ url: '', id:'newid' , classvalue: 'classname' }