Loading cross-domain endpoint with AJAX

I'm trying to load a cross-domain HTML page using AJAX but unless the dataType is "jsonp" I can't get a response. However using jsonp the browser is expecting a script mime type but is receiving "text/html".

My code for the request is:

    type: "GET",
    url: "http://saskatchewan.univ-ubs.fr:8080/SASStoredProcess/do?_username=DARTIES3-2012&[email protected]&_program=%2FUtilisateurs%2FDARTIES3-2012%2FMon+dossier%2Fanalyse_dc&annee=2012&ind=V&_action=execute",
    dataType: "jsonp",
}).success( function( data ) {
    $( 'div.ajax-field' ).html( data );

Is there any way of avoiding using jsonp for the request? I've already tried using the crossDomain parameter but it didn't work.

If not is there any way of receiving the html content in jsonp? Currently the console is saying "unexpected <" in the jsonp reply.