How to remove an item from an array in AngularJS scope?

Simple to-do list, but with a delete button on list page for each item:

enter image description here

Relevant template HTML:

<tr ng-repeat="person in persons">
  <td>{{}} - # {{}}</td>
  <td nowrap=nowrap>
    <a href="#!/edit"><i class="icon-edit"></i></a>
    <button ng-click="delete(person)"><i class="icon-minus-sign"></i></button>

Relevant controller method:

$scope.delete = function (person) {
  API.DeletePerson({ id: }, function (success) {
    // I need some code here to pull the person from my scope.

I tried $scope.persons.pull(person) and $scope.persons.remove(person).

Although the database deleted successfully, I can not pull this item from scope and I do not want to make a method call to the server for data the client already has, I just want to remove this one person from scope.

Any ideas?