Pass someVar+'a string' to Handlebars.js helper?

Let's say I have this Handlebars helper:

Handlebars.registerHelper('someRandomHelperCreatingALink', function(passedVarAndString, url) {
    return '<a href="'+url+'">'+passedVarAndString+'</a>';

And want to use it like this, where I pass both a string AND a var as the first argument (' is a cool dude!'):

{{{ someRandomHelperCreatingALink' is a cool dude!!' '/a/cool/url' }}}

My question: Would that somehow be possible?

Or do I have to add an extra argument for the string (which would feel unnecessary)? Something like this:

Handlebars.registerHelper('someRandomHelperCreatingALink', function(passedVarAndString, url, extraUnnecessary) {
    return '<a href="'+url+'">'+passedVarAndString+extraUnnecessary+'</a>';

{{{ someRandomHelperCreatingALink '/a/cool/url' ' is a cool dude!!' }}}

This is not possible because at this point the parameter is just a string. You can either create a second helper to concatenate the strings, either build the string before in a controller

Adding the variable plus string as the first argument doesn't seem to work in my limited testing. If it's always going to be a variable and a string that you're passing to the helper, you might as well just add them, even if it seems unnecessary. But leave out the extraneous commas:

{{{ someRandomHelperCreatingALink '/a/cool/url' ' is a cool dude!!' }}}

But, if you may find yourself passing an arbitrary number of options, you could use an options hash:


  Handlebars.registerHelper('createLink', function(options) {
    return '<a href="' + options.hash.url + '">' + + '</a>';


  {{{ createLink name="Meteor" url="" }}}