About var/const, why this code will work?

Open dev console (or in node.js), enter the following code by sequence:

a = 1
var a = 2
const a = 3


As you can see it works, but if you enter all the code at once, you will get an error, which I think is more reasonable screenshot2

I guess the only difference is hoisting, if you input all the code at once, it will be treated as:

var a
a = 1
a = 2
const a = 3

But I don't understand why it works when you enter line by line, also if you skip the first line, you get an error as expected

enter image description here

In global scope of the environment a variable can be assigned and declared irrespective of the type, therefore when you enter following code in sequence, it works.

z = 1
var z = 2
const z = 3

value of z is 3 now

Now lets say we execute all this at once

    z = 4;  var z = 5;  const z = 6;

value of z is still 3

the interpreter in this case will throw error because here it will try to execute all the above statement once as a block and now it has found multiple declaration for 'z' and thus will throw an error for the whole block and will not execute even the first part i.e z = 4;

the statement where everything is executed at once is equivalent to

(function foo(){ z = 4; var z = 5; const z = 6;  })();