Change the Value of h1 Element within a Form with JavaScript

I have two forms on an HTML5 page. Each form has a name and an id. The second form has an h1 element, which also has a name and an id. How do I change the text of this h1 element on the second form using plain JavaScript?


document.getElementById("yourH1_element_Id").innerHTML = "yourTextHere";

You can use this: document.getElementById('h1_id').innerHTML = 'the new text';

document.getElementById("myh1id").innerHTML = "my text"

You may try the following:

document.getElementById("your_h1_id").innerHTML = "your new text here"

You can do it with regular JavaScript this way:

document.getElementById('h1_id').innerHTML = 'h1 content here';

Here is the doc for getElementById and the innerHTML property.

The innerHTML property description:

A DOMString containing the HTML serialization of the element's descendants. Setting the value of innerHTML removes all of the element's descendants and replaces them with nodes constructed by parsing the HTML given in the string htmlString.

You can also use this

document.querySelector('yourId').innerHTML = 'Content';