Open URL in same window and in same tab

I want to open a link in the same window and in the same tab that contains the page with the link.

When I try to open a link by using, then it opens in new tab—not in the same tab in the same window.

You need to use the name attribute:"","_self")

Edit: Url should be prepended with protocol. Without it tries to open relative url. Tested in Chrome 59, Firefox 54 and IE 11.

In order to ensure that the link is opened in the same tab, you should use window.location.replace()

See the example below:



You can have it go to the same page without specifying the url:'?','_self');

If you have your pages inside "frame" then "'logout.aspx','_self')"

will be redirected inside same frame. So by using


we can load the page as new request.

One of the most prominent javascript features is to fire onclick handlers on the fly. I found following mechanism more reliable than using location.href='' or location.reload() or

// this function can fire onclick handler for any DOM-Element
function fireClickEvent(element) {
    var evt = new window.MouseEvent('click', {
        view: window,
        bubbles: true,
        cancelable: true


// this function will setup a virtual anchor element
// and fire click handler to open new URL in the same room
// it works better than location.href=something or location.reload()
function openNewURLInTheSameWindow(targetURL) {
    var a = document.createElement('a');
    a.href = targetURL;

Above code is also helpful to open new tab/window and bypassing all pop-up blockers!!! E.g.

function openNewTabOrNewWindow(targetURL) {
    var a = document.createElement('a');
    a.href = targetURL; = '_blank'; // now it will open new tab/window and bypass any popup blocker!


Open another url like a click in link

window.location.href = "";

Do you have to use What about using window.location=""?, wndname, params), it has three arguments. if you don't want it open in the same window, just set a different wndname. such as :, "name1", params); // this open one window or tab, "name2", params); // though url is same, but it'll open in another window(tab).

Here is the details about, you can trust it!

have a try ~~

With html 5 you can use history API.

  prevUrl: window.location.href

}, 'Next page', 'http://localhost/x/next_page');

Then on the next page you can access state object like so

let url = history.state.prevUrl;
if (url) {
  console.log('user come from: '+ url)

Thats pretty easy. Open first window as, <tabNmae>)


and for next all, use same tab name instead of _self, _parent etc.

Exactly like this"","_self")

   Just Try in button.

   <button onclick="location.reload();location.href='url_name'" 
   id="myButton" class="btn request-callback" >Explore More</button>

   Using href 

  <a href="#" class="know_how" onclick="location.reload();location.href='url_name'">Know More</a> 

As MDN's refs says, just need give a name of the new window/tab.

    <div style="margin: 5px;">


    autoOpenAlink(e) {
        let url = this.url;, "iframe testing page");

Use this:

location.href = "";