Is there a way to access a javascript variable using a string that contains the name of the variable?

This way I could have a function that says whatever_way_you_do_this = something. Is this possible? Basically I could tell a function which variable I want to set by giving it a string that holds the name of the variable.



var x = {
    myproperty: 'my value'

You can access the value by:

var value = x['myproperty'];

If you're looking for a global variable, then you would check its container (window);

var value = window['x']['myproperty'];

You can use


Proceed with caution as many don't recommend using eval()

If it is a global variable named myVar, you can use:


The eval function can access a variable from a string containing the variable's name.

eval('baseVariableName'+index) = 'something';