How do I change the background color with JavaScript?

Anyone know a simple method to swap the background color of a webpage using JavaScript?

Modify the JavaScript property

For example:

function changeBackground(color) { = color;

window.addEventListener("load",function() { changeBackground('red') });

Note: this does depend a bit on how your page is put together, for example if you're using a DIV container with a different background colour you will need to modify the background colour of that instead of the document body.

You don't need AJAX for this, just some plain java script setting the background-color property of the body element, like this: = "#AA0000";

If you want to do it as if it was initiated by the server, you would have to poll the server and then change the color accordingly.

I agree with the previous poster that changing the color by className is a prettier approach. My argument however is that a className can be regarded as a definition of "why you want the background to be this or that color."

For instance, making it red is not just because you want it red, but because you'd want to inform users of an error. As such, setting the className AnErrorHasOccured on the body would be my preferred implementation.

In css

  background: #f00;

In JavaScript:

document.body.className = "AnErrorHasOccured";

This leaves you the options of styling more elements according to this className. And as such, by setting a className you kind of give the page a certain state.

AJAX is getting data from the server using Javascript and XML in an asynchronous fashion. Unless you want to download the colour code from the server, that's not what you're really aiming for!

But otherwise you can set the CSS background with Javascript. If you're using a framework like jQuery, it'll be something like this:

$('body').css('background', '#ccc');

Otherwise, this should work: = "#ccc";

You can do it in following ways STEP 1

   var imageUrl= "URL OF THE IMAGE HERE";
   var BackgroundColor="RED"; // what ever color you want

For changing background of BODY  //changing bg image //changing bg color

To change an element with ID


for elements with same class

   var elements = document.getElementsByClassName("ClassName")
        for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {

I wouldn't really class this as "AJAX". Anyway, something like following should do the trick: = 'pink';

Css approach:

If you want to see continuous colour, use this code:

    animation: image 10s infinite alternate;
    animation:image 10s infinite alternate;
    animation:image 10s infinite alternate;

@keyframes image{


If you want to see it faster or slower, change 10 second to 5 second etc.

You can change background of a page by simply using: = #000000; //I used black as color code

However the below script will change the background of the page after every 3 seconds using setTimeout() function:

$(function() {
            var colors = ["#0099cc","#c0c0c0","#587b2e","#990000","#000000","#1C8200","#987baa","#981890","#AA8971","#1987FC","#99081E"];

            setInterval(function() { 
                var bodybgarrayno = Math.floor(Math.random() * colors.length);
                var selectedcolor = colors[bodybgarrayno];
            }, 3000);



I would prefer to see the use of a css class here. It avoids having hard to read colors / hex codes in javascript.

document.body.className = className;

This will change the background color according to the choice of user selected from the drop-down menu:

function changeBG() {
  var selectedBGColor = document.getElementById("bgchoice").value; = selectedBGColor;
<select id="bgchoice" onchange="changeBG()">
    <option value="red">Red</option>
    <option value="ivory">Ivory</option>
    <option value="pink">Pink</option>

Add this script element to your body element, changing the color as desired:

  <p>Hello, World!</p>
  <script type="text/javascript"> = "#ff0000";  // red

But you would want to configure the body color before the <body> element exists. That way it has the right color from the get go.

    var myColor = "#AAAAAA";
                background-color: '+myColor+';\

This you can put in the <head> of the document or in your js file.

Here is a nice color to play with.

var myColor = '#'+(Math.random()*0xFFFFFF<<0).toString(16);

I would suggest the following code:

<div id="example" onClick="colorize()">Click on this text to change the
background color</div>
<script type='text/javascript'>
function colorize() {
var element = document.getElementById("example");'#800';'white';'center';

if you wish to use a button or some other event, just use this in JS:

document.querySelector("button").addEventListener("click", function() { = "red";

You can change background of a page by simply using:

function changeBodyBg(color){ = color;

Read more @ Changing the Background Color

Alternatively, if you wish to specify the background color value in rgb notation then try

document.getElementById("yourid").style.backgroundColor = 'rgb(' + a + ',' + b + ',' + c + ')';

where a,b,c are the color values


document.getElementById("yourid").style.backgroundColor = 'rgb(224,224,224)';

This is simple coding for changing background using javascript

<body onLoad="document.bgColor='red'">

<!DOCTYPE html>
<select name="" id="select" onClick="hello();">
    <option style="background-color: #CD5C5C;">#CD5C5C</option>
    <option style="background-color: #F08080;">#F08080</option>
    <option style="background-color: #FA8072;">#FA8072</option>
    <option style="background-color: #E9967A;">#E9967A</option>
    <option style="background-color: #FFA07A;">#FFA07A</option>
function hello(){
let d = document.getElementById("select");
let text = d.options[d.selectedIndex].value;;

function pink(){ = "pink"; }
function sky(){ = "skyblue"; }
<p onclick="pink()" style="padding:10px;background:pink">Pink</p>
<p onclick="sky()" style="padding:10px;background:skyblue">Sky</p>