Access iframe elements in JavaScript

I have a webpage where there is a textarea within an iframe. I need to read the value of this textarea from its child page using JavaScript.

Presently by using window.parent.getelementbyID().value in the JavaScript, I am able to fetch values of all controls in the parent page except the textarea within the iframe.

Can anyone please give me any pointers to resolve this issue?

If your iframe is in the same domain as your parent page you can access the elements using document.frames collection.

// replace myIFrame with your iFrame id
// replace myIFrameElemId with your iFrame's element id
// you can work on document.frames['myIFrame'].document like you are working on
// normal document object in JS

If your iframe is not in the same domain the browser should prevent such access for security reasons.

You should access frames from window and not document



not working for me but I found another solution. Use:


I checked it on Firefox and Chrome.

Make sure your iframe is already loaded. Old but reliable way without jQuery:

<iframe src="" id="iframe" onload="access()"></iframe>

function access() {
   var iframe = document.getElementById("iframe");
   var innerDoc = iframe.contentDocument || iframe.contentWindow.document;

this code worked for me:


Two ways