JavaScript isDOM — How do you check if a JavaScript Object is a DOM Object?

I'm trying to get:

document.createElement('div')  //=> true
{tagName: 'foobar something'}  //=> false

In my own scripts, I used to just use this since I never needed tagName as a property:

if (!object.tagName) throw ...;

So for the second object, I came up with the following as a quick solution -- which mostly works. ;)

The problem is, it depends on browsers enforcing read-only properties, which not all do.

function isDOM(obj) {
  var tag = obj.tagName;
  try {
    obj.tagName = '';  // Read-only for DOM, should throw exception
    obj.tagName = tag; // Restore for normal objects
    return false;
  } catch (e) {
    return true;

Is there a good substitute?