Custom context menu in d3 and svg

I would like to have custom context menu appearing when I right click on an svg circle. For now I have found this answer that helps me to handle the right click with the following code:

.on("contextmenu", function(data, index) {
   //handle right click

   //stop showing browser menu

Now I would like to know how I can show a box containing some HTML.

Thanks in advance.'#stock_details .sym').on("contextmenu", function(data, index) {
    var position = d3.mouse(this);'#my_custom_menu')
      .style('position', 'absolute')
      .style('left', position[0] + "px")
      .style('top', position[1] + "px")
      .style('display', 'block');


Just a comment on the accepted answer (don't have enough points to comment directly). But it seems like the newest version of d3 requires d3.event.pageX and d3.event.pageY instead of just x and y. Per the documentation here.

So my code is (with some IE help from this site):

.on('contextmenu', function(data, index) {
      if (d3.event.pageX || d3.event.pageY) {
          var x = d3.event.pageX;
          var y = d3.event.pageY;
      } else if (d3.event.clientX || d3.event.clientY) {
          var x = d3.event.clientX + document.body.scrollLeft + document.documentElement.scrollLeft;
          var y = d3.event.clientY + document.body.scrollTop + document.documentElement.scrollTop;
        .style('position', 'absolute')
        .style('left', x + 'px')
        .style('top', y + 'px')
        .style('display', 'block');