Is right click a Javascript event?

Is right click a Javascript event? If so, how do I use it?

As others have mentioned, the right mouse button can be detected through the usual mouse events (mousedown, mouseup, click). However, if you're looking for a firing event when the right-click menu is brought up, you're looking in the wrong place. The right-click/context menu is also accessible via the keyboard (shift+F10 or context menu key on Windows and some Linux). In this situation, the event that you're looking for is oncontextmenu:

window.oncontextmenu = function ()
    return false;     // cancel default menu

As for the mouse events themselves, browsers set a property to the event object that is accessible from the event handling function:

document.body.onclick = function (e) {
    var isRightMB;
    e = e || window.event;

    if ("which" in e)  // Gecko (Firefox), WebKit (Safari/Chrome) & Opera
        isRightMB = e.which == 3; 
    else if ("button" in e)  // IE, Opera 
        isRightMB = e.button == 2; 

    alert("Right mouse button " + (isRightMB ? "" : " was not") + "clicked!");

window.oncontextmenu - MDC

have a look at the following jQuery code:

      if(ev.which == 3)
            alert("Right mouse button clicked on element with id myId");

The value of which will be:

  • 1 for the left button
  • 2 for the middle button
  • 3 for the right button

You could use the event window.oncontextmenu, for example:

window.oncontextmenu = function () {
  alert('Right Click')
<h1>Please Right Click here!</h1>

Ya, though w3c says the right click can be detected by the click event, onClick is not triggered through right click in usual browsers.

In fact, right click only trigger onMouseDown onMouseUp and onContextMenu.

Thus, you can regard "onContextMenu" as the right click event. It's an HTML5.0 standard.

No, but you can detect what mouse button was used in the "onmousedown" event... and from there determine if it was a "right-click".

If you want to detect right mouse click, you shouldn't use MouseEvent.which property as it is non-standard and there's large incompatibility among browsers. (see MDN) You should instead use MouseEvent.button. It returns a number representing a given button:

  • 0: Main button pressed, usually the left button or the un-initialized state
  • 1: Auxiliary button pressed, usually the wheel button or the middle button (if present)
  • 2: Secondary button pressed, usually the right button
  • 3: Fourth button, typically the Browser Back button
  • 4: Fifth button, typically the Browser Forward button

MouseEvent.button handles more input types than just standard mouse:

Buttons may be configured differently to the standard "left to right" layout. A mouse configured for left-handed use may have the button actions reversed. Some pointing devices only have one button and use keyboard or other input mechanisms to indicate main, secondary, auxilary, etc. Others may have many buttons mapped to different functions and button values.



The following code is using jQuery to generate a custom rightclick event based on the default mousedown and mouseup events. It considers the following points:

  • trigger on mouseup
  • trigger only when pressed mousedown on the same element before
  • this code especially also works in JFX Webview (since the contextmenu event is not triggered there)
  • it does NOT trigger when the contextmenu key on the keyboard is pressed (like the solution with the on('contextmenu', ...) does

$(function ()
{ // global rightclick handler - trigger custom event "rightclick"
	var mouseDownElements = [];
	$(document).on('mousedown', '*', function(event)
		if (event.which == 3)
	$(document).on('mouseup', '*', function(event)
		if (event.which == 3 && mouseDownElements.indexOf(this) >= 0)
	$(document).on('mouseup', function()
		 mouseDownElements.length = 0;
    // disable contextmenu
    $(document).on('contextmenu', function(event)

// Usage:
$('#testButton').on('rightclick', function(event)
  alert('this was a rightclick');
<script src=""></script>
<button id="testButton">Rightclick me</button>

Yes - it is!

function doSomething(e) {
    var rightclick;
    if (!e) var e = window.event;
    if (e.which) rightclick = (e.which == 3);
    else if (e.button) rightclick = (e.button == 2);
    alert('Rightclick: ' + rightclick); // true or false

Yes, oncontextmenu is probably the best alternative but be aware that it triggers on mouse down whereas click will trigger on mouse up.

Other related questions were asking about double right click - which apparently isn't supported except through manual timer checking. One reason you might want to be able to have right double click is if you need/want to support left-handed mouse input (button reversal). The browser implementations seem to make a lot of assumptions about how we should be using the available input devices.

Easiest way to get right click done is using

 $('classx').on('contextmenu', function (event) {


However this is not cross browser solution, browsers behave differently for this event especially firefox and IE. I would recommend below for a cross browser solution

$('classx').on('mousedown', function (event) {
    var keycode = ( event.keyCode ? event.keyCode : event.which );
    if (keycode === 3) {
       //your right click code goes here      

That is the easiest way to fire it, and it works on all browsers except application webviews like ( CefSharp Chromium etc ... ). I hope my code will help you and good luck!

const contentToRightClick=document.querySelector("div#contentToRightClick");

//const contentToRightClick=window; //If you want to add it into the whole document

  return false; //Remove it if you want to keep the default contextmenu 
  background-color: #eee;
  border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,.2);
  overflow: hidden;
  padding: 20px;
  height: 150px;
<div id="contentToRightClick">Right click on the box !</div>

window.oncontextmenu = function (e) {
  alert('Right Click')
<h1>Please Right Click here!</h1>

Handle event using jQuery library

$(window).on("contextmenu", function(e)
   alert("Right click");

If You want to call the function while right click event means we can use following

 <html lang="en" oncontextmenu="func(); return false;">

function func(){

This is worked with me

if (evt.xa.which == 3) 
    alert("Right mouse clicked");

To handle right click from the mouse, you can use the 'oncontextmenu' event. Below is an example:

 document.body.oncontextmenu=function(event) {
     alert(" Right click! ");

the above code alerts some text when right click is pressed. If you do not want the default menu of the browser to appear, you can add return false; At the end of the content of the function. Thanks.

Yes, its a javascript mousedown event. There is a jQuery plugin too to do it

Try using the which and/or button property

The demo

function onClick(e) {
  if (e.which === 1 || e.button === 0) {
    console.log('Left mouse button at ' + e.clientX + 'x' + e.clientY);
  if (e.which === 2 || e.button === 1) {
    console.log('Middle mouse button ' + e.clientX + 'x' + e.clientY);
  if (e.which === 3 || e.button === 2) {
    console.log('Right mouse button ' + e.clientX + 'x' + e.clientY);
  if (e.which === 4 || e.button === 3) {
    console.log('Backward mouse button ' + e.clientX + 'x' + e.clientY);
  if (e.which === 5 || e.button === 4) {
    console.log('Forward mouse button ' + e.clientX + 'x' + e.clientY);
window.addEventListener("mousedown", onClick);

Some info here