PGP Encryption in Javascript

I'm looking to do some client-side PGP encryption in Javascript. I've found some GPL library scattered on the web, but for obvious reason, I cannot use that code due to licensing issues.

I'm looking for some BSD-like license library that would accomplish the same thing. Anyone know of a library I could use?

I recently found a MIT licensed client-side javascript library:

It works well so far, and it allows for a full-client side encryption of the data. Ensuring that even before the data leaves the browser, it is already safe using a public-private key encryption scheme.

OpenPGP.js is probably the most complete and fastest implementation (it's a collaborative effort) and licensed under the LGPL. You might want to join their mailing list.


I know this is an old question, but I recently found: when looking for a similar item. BSD Licensed instead of *GPL.