How to deal with big numbers in javascript [duplicate]

I'm looking for a Mathematical solution that deals with really (long, big, huge, storms) numbers. I haven't found anything yet, But I don't wanna think that this problem hasn't be solve at this time. I'm looking for an easy Number solution, like Microsoft Excel Precision (30 decimals), or a BigInteger (Java) solution. in Javascript of course.

It looks like this has been solved before:

What is the standard solution in Javascript for handling big numbers (BigNum)?

If you only need integers you can use BigInteger.js.

While looking for an big integer library for an ElGamal crypto implementation I tested several libraries with the following results:

I recommend this one: Tom Wu's jsbn.js (

  • Comprehensive set of functions and fast

Leemon Baird's big integer library (

  • Comprehensive set of functions and pretty fast
  • BUT: Negative number representation is buggy!

bignumber.js (

  • Pretty complete set of functions
  • BUT: Converting really big numbers from strings into BigNumber objects result in INFINITY

Scheme arithmetic library for JavaScript (

  • JS-Implementation of Scheme arithmetic functions
  • BUT: No function for y= x^e mod n

I haven't tested this by myself: BigNumber (

  • Functions for high precision claculations
  • BUT: It's said to be slow due to internal representation of numbers as strings

There's a BigInteger library for JavaScript available here:

(Note that I haven't used this myself. Try it and see what you think.)

There is also Silent Matt's library for Big Integers. It does not handle decimals.