Merging Values into an Array

I have a situation where i have to manually merge a label with value and then store in array. For instance aaa 10 , bbb 20, ccc 30

The values are coming from text field and finally i have to bring this in such format... with comma seperated and label's are hardcoded.

How to create an Array or a String like this aaa 10 , bbb 20, ccc 30 with Key:Value pair

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking for, but perhaps this helps

//create array
var list = [];

//get value from input aaa
var value1 = document.getElementById("aaa").value;
//add items
list.push("aaa "+value1);

//get value from input bbb
var value2 = document.getElementById("bbb").value;
//add items
list.push("bbb "+value2);

//get value from input ccc
var value2 = document.getElementById("ccc").value;
//add items
list.push("bbb "+value2);

//this gives you an array like this ["aaa 10", "bbb 20", "ccc 30"]

//to create a string from that you can simply call join
var result = list.join(); //result = "aaa 10, bbb 20, ccc 30"