Why is my toFixed() function not working?

Here's the relevant code. I've confirmed with the alert that the correct number is saved, it's just not being changed to 2 decimal places.

if ($(this).attr('name') == 'time') {
    var value = $(this).val();
    editEntry.time = value;

You're not assigning the parsed float back to your value var:

value = parseFloat(value).toFixed(2);

should fix things up.

Your conversion data is response[25] and follow the below steps.

var i = parseFloat(response[25]).toFixed(2)

Example simple (worked):

var a=Number.parseFloat($("#budget_project").val()); // from input field
var b=Number.parseFloat(html); // from ajax
var c=a-b;
$("#result").html(c.toFixed(2)); // put to id='result' (div or others)

document.getElementById("EDTVALOR").addEventListener("change", function() {
  this.value = this.value.replace(",", ".");
  this.value = parseFloat(this.value).toFixed(2);
  if (this.value < 0) {
    this.value = 0;
  this.value = this.value.replace(".", ",");
  this.value = this.value.replace("NaN", "0");

I tried function toFixed(2) many times. Every time console shows "toFixed() is not a function".

but how I resolved is By using Math.round()


if ($(this).attr('name') == 'time') {
    var value = parseFloat($(this).val());
    value = Math.round(value*100)/100; // 10 defines 1 decimals, 100 for 2, 1000 for 3

this thing surely works for me and it might help you guys too...