Request address in JavaScript [duplicate]

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Get current URL with JavaScript?

How do you get the address of the page you are on in JavaScript?

For example, if I had a script at and I want to find out the request address (, how do I get this information in JavaScript?

You need to use: document.location or window.location

You can read more here. Or there is a little more explanation over there.

For clarifying matter:

Originally Posted by Mozilla Developer Center

document.location was originally a read-only property, although Gecko browsers allow you to assign to it as well. For cross-browser safety, use window.location instead.




window is the global object, so location.href will be identical to window.location.href and NOT document.location.href (as long as there's no enclosing function or with statement which shadows the property)

What you are looking for is window.location.href.

I believe that either the window.location.href or the window.location.pathname objects will have this information.Someone could confirm or deny that though.