jQuery javascript regex Replace <br> with \n

How do i write a regex to replace <br /> or <br> with \n. I'm trying to move text from div to textarea, but don't want <br>'s to show in the textarea, so i want to replace then with \n.

var str = document.getElementById('mydiv').innerHTML;
document.getElementById('mytextarea').innerHTML = str.replace(/<br\s*[\/]?>/gi, "\n");

or using jQuery:

var str = $("#mydiv").html();
var regex = /<br\s*[\/]?>/gi;
$("#mydiv").html(str.replace(regex, "\n"));


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edit2: you can use /<br[^>]*>/gi which will match anything between the br and slash if you have for example <br class="clear" />

myString.replace(/<br ?\/?>/g, "\n")

True jQuery way if you want to change directly the DOM without messing with inner HTML:


Prepend inserts inside the element, before() is the method we need here:


Code will find any <br> elements, insert raw text with new line character and then remove the <br> elements.

This should be faster if you work with long texts since there are no string operations here.

To display the new lines:

$('#text').css('white-space', 'pre-line');

a cheap and nasty would be:

jQuery("#myDiv").html().replace("<br>", "\n").replace("<br />", "\n")


        .replace(/\<br\>/g, "\n")
        .replace(/\<br \/\>/g, "\n")

Also created a jsfiddle if needed: http://jsfiddle.net/2D3xx/

Not really anything to do with jQuery, but if you want to trim a pattern from a string, then use a regular expression:

<textarea id="ta0"></textarea>
<button onclick="
  var ta = document.getElementById('ta0');
  var text = 'some<br>text<br />to<br/>replace';
  var re = /<br *\/?>/gi;
  ta.value = text.replace(re, '\n');
">Add stuff to text area</button>