Angularjs - showing element based on a presence of id in array

Does anyoen know how to check (in the View) for a presence of id in a given array?

Lets say I have an array like so:

var arr = [123, 456, 789];

and a data source like this:

var data = [
  {id: 123, name: 'foo'},
  {id: 456, name: 'bar'},
  {id: 789, name: 'baz'}

Now in the view while iterating over the data array I would like to show/hide elements based on a presence of id in the arr like so:

<div ng-repeat="item in data">
    <span ng-show=" in arr"></span>

The above code item.i in arr of course does not work for obvious reasons. Anyone know how to achieve that functionality? Not to mention the ng-show block should always kick-in whenever the arr array is altered.

Thanks in advance.

You can just create a method in your scope

function MyCtrl( $scope ) {
  $ = ...

  $scope.enabled = ...

  $scope.visible = function (id ) { 
    return $scope.enabled.indexOf(id) > -1



<span ng-show="visible(" ></span>